Of course there are exceptions to every rule so what I’m about to discuss will test the belief structure of many individuals but not all. As human beings we live and breathe in an environment whereby we interpret, thus experience, through our five physical senses.

However, all is not what it appears. Somewhere between the brain and the mind someone or some thing ‘gifted’ us with an ego. This is what gives us the ability to discern, judge, calculate and provides us with a personality which is not only unique but is the key to individuality. And here lies the paradox. What we perceive during our everyday lives simply contributes to the illusion that surrounds us because all perceptions are different. They can’t all be right and must therefore only contribute to that anomalous factor which we term as Truth.

Our whole existence including all things that exist within the universe and beyond comes down to numbers. Everything that we take for granted including information beyond our comprehension is based on some kind of cosmic formula.

At this stage I don’t want to frighten most of you away by giving you the impression that I’m going to discuss mathematics. Nothing could be further from my mind. However, to be able to explain my thoughts I have to give a few examples regarding these numbers and what they mean and represent.

Before the state of physical mass is achieved there are numbers already in place—permutations, formulas which create all the laws of the universe. Natural law is founded on a blueprint of numbers and without them nothing will exist. In short there is a numerical code underpinning all laws which govern the universe.

A programme has just begun broadcasting on BBC2 called The Code. I’ll leave it to the viewers to decide where and how these numbers become so influential and necessary. What I’m concerned with is how The Meadow novel has included as factual evidence some of the cosmic wonders based around these numbers.

The structure of the atom depends on how many electrons, nuclei, protons and neutrons are integral to its composition. “Pi is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter; this is the same value as the ratio of a circle’s area to the square of its radius. Π (Pi) is approximately equal to 3.14159 in the usual decimal positional notation. Many formulae from mathematics, science, and engineering involve π (Pi) which makes it one of the most important mathematical constants.”

Sorry to include that, of which part in quotes is taken from Wikipidea. I wanted to begin with the atom because it is this which is the building block for all things and determines how symmetry is in everything. Simply put the diameter equal to the value of its circumference is constant in all things. Take a football for example. Measure the diameter against its circumference and you will always come out with the equation of 3.14 recurring. The Earth, the moon, a ping pong ball; it doesn’t matter. The constant number that emerges is always 3.14. This is why Pi is one of the many keys into unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

In The Meadow, the numbers 0 – 9 are featured. They emerge during an explanation involving Hugo Norman, a brilliant but slightly autistic boy whose whole life is first based on seeing everything from the numerical representation of the universe before he could decipher anything. The number seven is a bit of an enigma in the whole scheme of things and I don’t intend to complicate matters even further by bringing in explanations. However, to Hugo the number seven represented negativity. This number stood alone and maybe because of its uniqueness he decided to hold back until it suited his purposes.

In Hugo’s world his numbers are delivered via planetary triangulations, shapes, colours, sounds – all of which have their origins in numbers. You will witness all of this should you manage to watch The Code and see how this programme and The Meadow are as interrelated as the universe itself.

Read The Meadow and witness the wonder of numbers. Many readers of this book are already advising other readers to start again with this story. Having taken on the numerical essence behind it all, you will begin to appreciate the profound relationship between the characters and how love is behind it all.


Seeking help from my local politician

The following draft reply was sent to my local Parliamentary representative in the hope that a ‘partnership in arms’ could be achieved. This followed my written concerns to him regarding the Rupert Murdoch affair which he responded immediately. I wonder if it will work. Only time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

Dear Sir (name withheld),


The “other matters” is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you for responding and keeping me in the loop regarding information now ‘oozing’ from all corners of our islands and beyond about Rupert Murdoch.

It is going to take more than the average politician to take on board what I’m about to say. However, as you are my local MP I must start at home in the hope that your mind remains open. I’m sure that you facilitate your remit via your portfolio quite admirably and to the satisfaction of the local electorate. The following comment may appear to be harsh but any electorate, by definition, are only sheep or ‘sheeple’. We haven’t yet woken up.

Rupert Murdoch represents that bunch of cronies who lust for power and control at whatever cost. He is not alone but he is still in the minority when it comes to the overall population. The ordinary man and woman on this earth (even the respectable politician) just wants to get on with life in their own sweet way without being harassed, exploited and in worse-case scenarios – exterminated, albeit in the most covert and sophisticated ways that we can only imagine.

The orthodox (emphasis on ‘orthodox’) media of the world is controlled by very powerful individuals of whom Murdoch is one. They are rooted within the corporate bowels of industry and commerce and their aim is to keep the world on a footing that fits their agenda. It doesn’t suit yours and it certainly doesn’t suit mine.

Yesterday’s, today’s, tomorrow’s (and so on) events will not mark the end of an era. Nor will they represent the beginning of the end. The only constant in the universe is change. What we are witnessing is a natural course of events where the law of consequence dictates what will happen next. What has been put into place over centuries will always bear fruit today. Tomorrow never comes and right now we are finally sitting on the zenith of change.

We can only slide one way or the other to a plateau which will mark where we go from here. If we lean the wrong way, we are about to fall into a cataclysmic precipice that could herald the end of civilization as we know it. Dramatic words, huh? Believe me, if the Murdoch’s of this world win, we are in for an experience too frightening to imagine.

So what is it that I’m trying to say?

“Tell Me No Lies” – great words and is the title to one of John Pilger’s books. He is one of the top ten freelance investigative journalists on this planet. What he writes about – facts an’ all – hardly ever gets published by the orthodox media. Why? Because he digs deep and finds out information that will benefit the populace which in turn will damage and weaken controlled society as we know it.

The effort and information uncovered by the likes of John Pilger and Elijah Lovejoy (1802 – 1837) as just one example from the past, has to be harnessed and confiscated by the power lords of today. And they do it admirably. They do NOT want to see the general population take responsibility.

What is required is the complete turn-around in the way that the media is handled. We don’t wish to see corporate power maintain control. If that is the case, then the Chinese will only fill Murdoch’s shoes, should he go and we all know what that means. The age of the people is coming. There is a place for all politicians who wish to genuinely represent their electorate but it will be by implementing necessary change as a direct result of overwhelming public opinion – not by party politics.

Would you like to take up this matter further by turning this into a personal discussion between us? By doing so you will at least learn the opinions of someone who cares deeply about the way the world is heading. Maybe with a Parliamentary representative as my ally, I’ll be able to create a platform where others may listen. It’s time to wake up.

Yours faithfully,


Five animals — one root soul — that live through countless centuries, only to return and remain with and protect  its companions throughout earth life

Spethla -- root soul for all to follow

Nwaptoah - Loyal

Zuka -- His suffering was the greatest

Wyomah, Spirit Wind -- now a dog

Steve and Bullet (Quah Dreamer)






This is the tale of one animal that dedicates its whole existence to remain connected to two human beings who ride the gauntlet of life over many centuries. Born into a world unrecognisable today Spethla, a magnificent pure black stallion, is gifted to a young Teuch, the son and co-ruler of part of an area that we recognize as the northern part of South America known then as the Mexicas.

With the purpose to live again and again, to which only the Cosmos has the answer, the root soul of Spethla follows the two main protagonists through hell and high water as it changes form to be a horse a further three times and before reaching the 21st Century he transforms to be a dog — one soul in a quest to stay close and remain with its two friends, the root souls of Anacaona and Teuch. “The Meadow” is a tale of undying love spanning many centuries. Without the role of the animal soul, this story could never have reached a satisfactory conclusion. Here is the Overview to this magical and spiritual tale:

The Meadow is a passport into other worlds, allowing the reader to travel to ancient destinations whilst remaining in the safety and comfort of an arm chair. Philosophically, it is a tale of the struggle between Light and Dark, personified in two root characters that meet and fall in love in antiquity, only to discover that life is imperfect and far too short.

The tale of The Meadow assumes that we slip through the trapdoor of death to live again and again to continue experiencing the magnificent spectrum of emotions and polarities of more lives which enable us to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Precisely how the soul is molded over eons into a sentient being with the ability to feel and experience is a closely guarded secret of Creation. Yet, there are instances of refined consciousness, capable of traversing heavenly realms, which have discovered the Meadow, ingeniously hidden in the astral level or Middle Place. The story of Teuch and Anacaona’s love is woven around just such a concept, daring the reader to delve into the possibility that all is not as it seems and that we bear a solemn responsibility to live our lives in as much consciousness as we are capable of.

Swathed in primordial mystery, the story blazes a trail through four devastating lives and personalities, from ancient Mexica to contemporary Pakistan, before luring the lead characters into the twenty first century, where we meet them as Steve Ballantire and Eva Norman. But they do not arrive here alone. Obsessed with revenge many centuries old, their nemesis, representing the Dark side, is in hot pursuit of the protagonists.

The intrigue intensifies when the British authorities express an interest in Hugo, the brilliant child of Eva, and snatches him and his mother from the clutches of ‘the evil one’ in Tel Aviv, to place him under the tutelage of  Steve Ballantire, an esteemed professor based in North East England.  Due to this intervention of MI6, the lead characters finally meet in this life. However, their fanatical adversary yet again follows them to England, leading to the devious abduction of Eva and resulting in a nerve-wracking international chase across the world; climaxing in the Himalaya Mountains. It is here where a small, but remarkable monk begins to lead the story back to its roots in antiquity, and the boundaries of time are finally erased. Inevitably, ancient identities of past eras emerge into full awareness to force the final cosmic showdown.

Steeped in symbolism and mystery, Hugo, a mildly autistic savant, unravels the enigmas of the story and reveals his understanding of our universe being based in mathematics. The Tibetan monk and the boy independently confirm the existence of the celestial halfway house known as the Meadow, and this leads to Hugo locating star gates which demonstrate the absolute interconnectedness of everything.

This tale is of an ancient dream that had awakened into the twenty first century, where from the smoldering embers of antiquity, it snaked a path through centuries of unspeakable violence, impossible sacrifice and incredible passion to find its way back into the lives of Steve and Eva. Through the trials and tribulations of the characters in the book, the readers are subtly invited to investigate their own lives and evaluate the possibility of having lived before. But that is not where it ends.

Drawn together by unusual circumstances to tell the story of The Meadow are two strangers who live on separate continents. As they created the tale, the authors peered through the kaleidoscope of life, and slowly turning the lens, they wrote about sex, violence, intrigue, betrayal, murder, mystery, politics, religion, suspense, science and physics, spirituality, and even magic. The jury is still out on whether the authors wrote their book from actual memory, or if this all springs from very fertile imagination.

The Meadow is comparable to “The Thornbirds” by Colleen McCullough and “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follet. The book will appeal to female readers of adult age and interest the growing number of people around the world (male and female) curious about exploring the possibility of life continuing on beyond death.



    A remarkable aspect of The Meadow is that the authors hail from separate continents and for most of their lives knew nothing about each other’s existence. By the time they had completed their mega manuscript they had still not laid eyes on one another and, given their life circumstances and vocations, even a chance meeting was a most unlikely possibility. Yet, with Mike O’Hare who is from North East England and Elfreda Pretorius, who resides in Canada, an interesting but powerful force was at work which would dictate almost three years of their lives. In 2005 an unusual meeting of minds set the scene for an ambitious project that neither author could have foretold, even if they had had a crystal ball.

    Mike O’Hare began his career as a compositor in the newspaper industry but with an inherent love of writing, the pen always lay alongside the setting stick/Linotype keyboard and he soon began contributing short editorials for his local paper. In 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped off his moon ladder, “one short step for mankind” became the foundation for Mike’s article, which set a trend for years to follow, during which time he wrote a series of short pieces for magazines and newspapers.

    In later years he lost heart for his trade as it evolved into the electronic era and transferred from the production side of printing to the excitement and trappings that sales offered. Eventually he brokered his way to a comfortable existence and retired early to nurture his love of writing and concentrate his creative efforts on an idea that had taken root in his mind when he was in his late teens. Fearful of ridicule, the idea remained a closely guarded secret, but an unusual meeting with a stranger would soon lead to its blossoming into The Meadow.

    Elfreda Pretorius’s field of expertise is communication, expressed in writing, coaching and teaching. As a best selling author in the self-help industry (Stop Struggling and Start Living –  Rules of the Game), she demonstrated her grasp of the human psyche through authoring this book which has become a powerful tool to help change the games of others along with its companion workbook, Ten Truths from the Top of Table Mountain.  Due to popular demand, a self coaching program based on the book will soon be available for download from her personal web site:

    Similar to Mike, she is intensely interested in the world, the dissemination of accurate information and the evolution of man as he is subjected to various schools of thought. They became acquainted via the Internet, on a web site where just such a meeting of minds was in progress and very soon slipped into a wonderful friendship, as comfortably as one would slip into an old pair of jeans. She learned of his wonderful idea for a book, and spontaneously offered to help him dip pen in ink. Due to a pressing workload, her plan was not to linger for too long, but she never left the project. Through the confluence of their combined creativity The Meadow developed into a narrative neither could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

    The entire novel was written via the Internet, through an exchange of ideas and thoughts that defies accurate description. Both authors were aware of a creative force at work in the two and half years that it took to complete a project of which they feel very privileged to have been a part.

    For the purposes of marketing the book, Elfreda and Mike decided to become heavily involved in social networking. As a consequence they have given the story a high profile on the following networks:

    Facebook at

    WordPress at


    Sample of Endorsements:

    There is a saying known by those on their path of enlightenment: Everything comes at the perfect time, in the perfect way. “The Meadow” is exactly the sort of work where if it somehow comes your way, it is a timely message and gift from the Universe to assist you in advancing your own spiritual evolution. “The Meadow” is a magical journey for the characters in the story and the reader alike. The lessons learned by the protagonists will shine a light on whatever issues a reader may be experiencing. The work is serendipity, synchronicity, and spirituality. Note to the Showtime Network: We expect to see “The Meadow” as a mini-series and/or trilogy of films. When this novel graced our presence, we had set aside a three week period to devour its contents. Little did we know how captivating it would be as we finished it—cover to cover, word for word, in three days! Do the same and treat yourself to a modern-day literary masterpiece.

    Veronica Grey

    Philanthropist, Actress, Novelist

    Founder of Eternal Youth Empire

    When Mike first approached us to read “The Meadow” in the early stages of development, we found it hard to believe that as a young boy visiting the Forum during the Billingham International Folklore Festival, on hearing the International music, an idea was born. From this idea, came this outstanding book of love, re-incarnation, espionage, and deceit. A powerful thought provoking read, you will not be able to put down.

    Joe Maloney


    Billingham International Folklore Festival

    What a fantastic book; couldn’t put it down. Tel Aviv to England had my heart in my mouth! I wish the authors only the greatest success. Readers should know that they will not be able to get any work done. I read two hundred pages in one go. It is thrilling, encapsulating, sad and heart warming.

    Gillian Scott, M.A.T.A.

    Reflexologist and Amatsu Teacher

    “The Meadow” is a sensational and captivating account of two people’s lives as they meet again and again over many centuries. It weaves a path of wisdom through the ages, and awakens our curiosity, enriching our lives as we become involved with its wonderful characters.

    Judy Suke

    Motivational Humorist

    President, Triangle Seminars

    Professor, Sheridan College

    Get ready for a consciousness shift! “The Meadow” is the most intriguing, mysterious, beautiful love story I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I am still amazed that the authors could have brought this masterpiece to life while living an ocean apart. The gamut of emotions they dare the reader to experience makes for a wild, but thrilling ride. “The Meadow” touched the very core of my being and gave me a whole new perspective on all those who have come and gone in my life, the ones that shared beauty with me as well as the ones who caused me pain.

    Susan Nicholas

    Reiki Master

    “The Meadow” takes you along on a captivating journey connecting powerful characters through time. This engrossing journey, through many eras and parts of the world, is suspenseful, emotional, riveting and insightful. The magical MEADOW—fascinating! The authors are well deserving of “Top Ten” recognition.

    Mary Hanna

    Psychoeducational Consultant

    “The Meadow” is a poignant story of eternal love that transcends the boundaries of time, age and gender. Interwoven through the intrigue, passion and drama of the many lifetimes of the protagonists, is a deep spiritual thread. A profoundly moving story—written with the emotion and subjectivity of two authors whose intimate awareness of the lives of the various characters suggests first-hand familiarity.

    Louise Salton

    Retired Editor

    Oakville, Canada

    This book of multiple lives and other dimensions has challenged me to look beyond the words on the pages and contemplate if I have indeed visited the Meadow in between previous existences. “The Meadow” is cleverly written and construes a path of development for the characters through each life. The book is intriguing, enlightening and superbly written! I hope a sequel has been planned for this very advanced work.

    Susan Bridges

    Childcare Specialist

    Mississauga, Ontario

    “The Meadow” is simply one of the most engrossing books I have read in years. It grabbed hold of me on the opening page and did not let go. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Lesley Lomon

    Avid reader of approximately 100 books annually

    Toronto, Canada


    The dividing line between Reality and Illusion is indeed very thin and for many years it has been the privilege of only a few gifted people to look and see beyond. With a rapidly changing world and many people awakening, The Meadow is a timely book that tells a poignant story of love and perseverance, of mystery and magic. But most striking is the promise for the future of mankind. The book encourages the reader to question the status quo and investigate matters for themselves. A very entertaining read which demonstrates insight into what for many has been unknown wisdom, but presented with a flair that makes it accessible for everyone.

    Philip Solomon

    Psychic Medium

    (The British Spiritualist Medium, Healer, Published Author, Writer, Broadcaster, Executive Film Producer and Investigator of the Paranormal).



“Perhaps collective humanity, by becoming aware of a universal spiritual environmental responsibility, might act to preserve its healthy evolution.” ~ Professor Robert Pope.

I wholeheartedly support Professor Pope’s recent discoveries and research into the Humanity Renaissance of the 21st Century.

The idea of reincarnation through one soul

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me dive straight into something which is, for most, a taboo subject. Reincarnation is universally connected to the idea that when we die we somehow return. Because it has the trappings of death and whatever that entails, we tend to skim over or avoid the topic altogether. Considering that death is an illusion, let me begin by saying that this mindset is on account of the way we have been conditioned; i.e. stories and deceit that have been fed to us over the course of our lives in order to control us. Let me say here and now that I no more support the idea of reincarnation than I do to reject it. There is another way to look at this and I beg your indulgence if you allow whilst I try and plant that seed of curiosity that will encourage you to think about alternatives.

The law governing 20th-century technological culture is the second law of thermodynamics. In short what is scientifically supported, including what Einstein regarded as “the premier law of all science,” is that life in the universe will become extinct once all heat has been dissipated into cold space. The idea of reincarnation cannot be supported by this theory and yet there is a belief among many that our lives are intricately and integrally connected to a structure that we have yet to fully comprehend. I spent four years writing “The Meadow” alongside Elfreda Pretorius. Between us we created a work of fiction — a tale of undying love spanning many centuries which, by this description will give the hint that there were souls who returned to live again on the Earth. By definition, they died and they were born again. This was the romantic notion designed to help support a story that would give hope and demonstrate how all things are interconnected. This “interconnectedness” is the key to what I’m about to put forward as a debate surrounding the idea of reincarnation and perhaps throw light on something that is more logical using an “ethical holographic life-science that holds promise for humanity’s survival into the future.”

So we arrive at the “what ifs” and “suppose thats” which conveniently leads me to introduce quantum theory, particularly quantum mechanics. Most readers will have guessed by now that I’m not a scientist or anything near to it. However, because what quantum physics has thrown up over the last one hundred years or so (maybe more) is that our physical universe is a holographic reality supported by energy and its mathematical components; in short a realm of existence. The parameters which bind this realm into a cohesive structure is something we term as the space/time continuum. The three elements of  space-time, matter-energy, and physical law provides us with a means to measure our existence and movement by way of comprehension through a relative means of understanding. But this is still only a holographic image of something that we have yet to define. So now it is time for me to put forward an idea that will justify the existence of reincarnation although I would suggest, by means of this description, that a new label is given to it. Have we lived before or do we simply carry on living? Don’t give up on me now! I’m about to ask you to leave behind your thought patterns that has gone before just for a moment and consider this:

The physical universe

The physical universe and the properties which complement chance interaction is a component of something that I can only describe as singularity — a wholeness comprising all things (my terms). Outside of the illusion of space and time there is no such thing as the past or the future. There is only the present moment and everything that we conceive via our intellect is just a means whereby we can interpret and compartmentalize our experiences. I know what most are thinking: ‘So why can I remember what I did yesterday, or the day or the year before’ and so on? It’s difficult to answer, especially with the limited knowledge and vocabulary that this writer possesses but here goes. Imagine a circle that represents all that is, has and is about to happen. Being outside of the circle you can observe without constraint all that is going on whether in the past or the future. That circle IS the present moment and what is happening is instantaneous so that your actions and interactions are happening at the same time. How can this be? My answer is that we operate outside of the conscious laws that are no more part of reality than our perceptions. We are literally multi-dimensional beings, co-existing simultaneously beyond any borders that we can imagine. I ask you to read the opening quotation to this essay again. What we are as physical beings is just the tip of the iceberg. We have power beyond our present imagination.

Some of us have had ‘out of body’ experiences, depicting a situation that involves interacting in a different time. Perhaps similar experiences happen through regression or even dreams. I would never pour scorn on anyone who claims that they have lived before. It’s only language and the real reason is that they are living a separate life simultaneously to the one expressed through countless dimensional spheres which facilitate a separate existence. Sometimes the ‘connection’ filters through and our interpretation takes a hold and yet that common denominator is the soul. I’ve not had any of the experiences that can be recalled into my conscious memory that would explain how I have lived before. However, it does provide justification and a real possibility that reincarnation can be proven in a different and believable way. Your memory of a previous life is not a memory at all, but a simultaneous experience that can only be dealt with by what we can control.

I have already been informed that blasphemy has been committed by writing this article. I hope that sums up what I consider to be representative of human values fogging the real issue. Each person lives in a unique reality and there are as many realities as there are people to experience them. And yet outside of your reality is an existence that can take you to other worlds where your soul expresses who you really are. You are amazing.

HOLD ON TO YOUR TOYS AND COMICS –They could be your nest egg

I’m pretty sure there are many like me who have a predisposition to hoard. The Aladdin’s Cave of any home is the attic or loft where all the unwanted stuff gets piled away and is forgotten — out of sight, out of mind. My attic is the home to many of my kids’ (now grown up) old toys and comics, lovingly preserved and boxed so that one day they can be passed on or auctioned to the highest bidder. If there was a business where you could log inventory for posterity it could be extremely successful and profitable for both investing clients and acting vendors alike. I’ve learned the hard way as there was a time when I wouldn’t have had the foresight that is so important when protecting some valuables that weren’t in current use. So here’s my story of how it could have been so different had I hung on to my own toys and comics before letting my mother loose on them.

From an early age, even as young as six, I had a passion for collecting Dinky toys especially model cars of the era around the late ’40s and early ’50s. How many folk, particularly the fellas can remember those precision engineered model cars such as the Austin Devon/Somerset, Bedford van (especially the Kodak/Heinz liveried variety) plus the trucks, buses, cranes and not forgetting the military jeeps and tanks? Meccano was a British company formed by Frank Hornby in 1901, a clerk from Liverpool, England, who invented and patented a new toy called “Mechanics Made Easy” which was based on the principles of  mechanical engineering. It was a model construction kit consisting of perforated metal strips, plates and girders, with wheels, pulleys, gears and axles for mechanisms and motion, and nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. Around 1934 the first die-cast model cars were introduced and these became famous around the world. Eventually manufacturing spread to France, China and the Far East.

Current worth today? Around a grand or more.

My collection of approximately six hundred  included both British and American models, pride and joy being bestowed on the Foden Flat Truck (worth more than a grand today) and the Cadillac convertible. I protected all the models from damage and housed each one in its original box. My father even built me a large wooden garage so that I could house them all, but after six years of collecting, other accommodation had to be sought. In time I had amassed a collection of precision built die-cast model cars that would have graced the most ardent collector’s display cabinet. Unfortunately all is not well regarding this short story and before I explain, let me lead you on to my other passion for collecting.

I would have been about eight years old when I started reading the comics that were put out to entertain young kids. The range was enormous, from war heroes to super heroes and by far my favourite character was Superman. Batman wasn’t far behind and by the time I had reached the tender age of fifteen, I had collected around 2,000 comics. I was meticulous in their upkeep and protection and would never lend or swap as was the custom in those days. Hence my ‘library’ of pristine paperbacks would have been a credit to anyone’s collection. All the comics and Dinky cars were carefully packed and kept safe in a cupboard at home awaiting my departure when the time was right. That time would have been when I married and took responsibility for my life in different ways. Our first marital accommodation was very small and would only take the essentials required when setting up a new home so I decided to leave my collection in the safe hands of my mother. Bless her little cotton socks. I hope that she’s reading this wherever she is now and sharing a laugh with the angels.

Between us, my wife and I managed to eke out a good living and after five or six years we were able to upgrade to a larger dwelling. At last, I could go to my mother’s place and bring back my collection. Unfortunately the subject of the days when I would collect toys and comics was never discussed for some reason and so my collection was put to the back of my mind. I can still see the disappointed look on my mother’s face when she tried to explain that she assumed I no longer wanted the collection which had occupied my time for more than six years. They were handed (“very carefully” she insisted) to the refuse collectors about a year after my leaving home. There’s no need to identify each item as it serves no purpose. Suffice to say, after visiting a local toy auctioneer, I learned that my collection — bearing in mind the quality and condition — would have netted around £70,000 — £80,000 at the present time.

This was my “Cringe” moment and for posterity I have recorded the explanation on YouTube. I would be very interested to hear of other people’s experiences which mirror my adventures in the world of Dinky cars and comics of the ’40s and ’50s era, possibly even later. You are all welcome to comment both here and at YouTube where you will find my “cringing” moment as I explain everything in the warmth of the sun at my local park.


It’s hard to believe that in this modern world of science and discovery, we humans originate from a single source. This is singularity of a magnitude that we can only attempt to visualise and understand. As a consequence our conclusions probably have nothing to do with what is reality or anything near to it. This is how far we have come as a species since nature and its all-enveloping laws keep us on an evolutionary path that is virtually on “automatic pilot” as far as our conscious awareness is concerned. Here are my personal conclusions and philosophy on this unfathomable subject.

To define this source as a creative catalyst, from which has unfolded a momentum of evolutionary processes of which we are a part, is best left to the physicists of our age.  Suffice to say that from this source, a single energy was unleashed. Its purpose – the inscription being buried deep within – is to fragment from its absolute magnificence into components from which it is able to experience itself.

Hence we find ourselves as individuals in a dualistic, physical universe made up, in the beginning, from one element due to that single energy having nothing else to do but find itself within its own boundary. We could call it a calling tune, trying to home back in on itself, having nowhere else to go. What happens is the creation of the first vibration, a collision, as it meets itself on the return journey.

And so the first mathematical equation to physicality unfolds – a permutation on which this energy and its vibration can compound itself time and time again to infinity. That first simple “clash” of low vibration created the element of hydrogen. This became the foundation for all other elements which make up our universe. From that initial formula, and the energy created by its vibrational charge, came the second element, helium. Thereafter, all elements were created by this cosmic, permeable chemistry. Remember that these are my inner thoughts – my way of trying to deal with a situation that is beyond our grasp.

This is the physical universe, as we know it. The reality is that it is only an illusion, its manifestation being the polarised environment where we can experience our minds and the resulting vibration represents one tiny fraction of that fragmentation of source. The stage has been set where Man can now proceed on his evolutionary quest in finding the way back to singularity (or source).

You may ask what this has to do with the colour of music! Absolutely everything and the foregoing paragraphs are my way of attempting to describe and help us to understand natural laws and how they encompass everything that IS. These laws govern all that exists and energy is the common denominator acting as the engine which powers these components from the lowest vibration (physical) to the higher spiritual or non-physical realms.

How many, jestingly, have used the term: “You smell a funny colour,” or “You sound a funny colour”? Jovial banter perhaps? But there is a semblance of truth here. In the higher non-physical realms there is less distinction, more of a blend, as energy frequencies manifest in ways, which can be read by our ultra senses. As spirit, we can recognise these mathematical rates of occurrence as colour (sight), sound, smell, taste and touch – all tangible senses in a non-physical environment.

Although not yet proven or documented, it is my assumption that the mystical sixth sense, which we all possess by varying degrees of consciousness, is much more natural to us in the world of spirit (inter dimensional) and it is this that opens our awareness to the progress that awaits us.

Just how we experience these vibrations and all their wondrous offerings will always be proportionate to our reality – the realm in which we exist. That applies to the physical plane as well as the higher dimensions, which one day, we will experience. This is our destiny, to remember who we really are, as we find our way back to the creative oneness that we determine as ‘source.’

As we progress by whatever means to the higher planes of existence, it is most likely that the vibration that takes us there will always have its corresponding colour(s); shades and hues that we cannot possibly imagine, combining into a blend of “knowingness” as it conveys to us, still as individuals, that the Absolute and our essence beckons. It may and will take an eternity, but it is still our destiny.

It is becoming apparent that the experience of just being has its representations in the heavenly vibrations, which carry those fragments of our creation (source). Each facet of our essence is mirrored by the corresponding vibration which manifests in ways that tell us we just ARE – we exist, and each single vibration of our being is sound, colour, light and love – they are all the same, they are all one, as we are ONE experiencing as individuals all that IS.

Within our Earthly lives, we are so much separated from creation that we can only experience the vibration in the most relative of terms. For example, a single chord of music, although never perfect here, will only manifest through our ability to hear. Hence our brains via our intuition will register on our consciousness a single note. By contrast as spirit we are much more attuned to the ether and our senses and awareness is that much more acute. Not only can we appreciate a single chord in perfection, but we can also SEE the colour of its vibrations.

If we look at the situation from the opposite side, i.e. looking at colour and trying to HEAR its sound, the same principles apply. The non-physical realms have their own laws, within nature, which allow us to appreciate a single vibration in all its glory. Just take the flowers for instance. As they purvey their colours to the discerning eye, the cascading hues and shades will sing their presence with as many chords and tones that match their resulting colours.

It’s unfortunate that as we live out our physical lives, the intellect which allows us to piece together our experiences, obscures our greater vision; that ability to look at the universe with our eyes truly open. For those of us who can tap into this inner world will know there is beauty that is beyond wonderment. Then, this energy can be truly perceived. A sound will show itself in all its glory, not only as a single note, but as a vibrant living thing which will dance to any tune and glow with a colour proportionate to its heavenly signature.

As one chord beckons to its caller, like a peacock it will display a vibrant echo of loving harmony awash with clarity of colour akin to its resonant host, just a single chord with a cloak of spiritual colour. Just imagine what a full ethereal orchestra could produce and what effect it could have upon the beholder of such a divine experience.

This is nature and there is nothing supernatural about it. However, as humans we can barely comprehend the notion that outside of our relative consciousness lays a world just waiting to fill the void, which we so conveniently term as ignorance. I prefer to use the word “innocence” as we are all-knowing spirit, just waiting for that opportunity where we begin to remember who we really are. What better way to express it than through the colour and sound of music?

Why is this? It is, at the moment impossible to answer, because we don’t possess the (conscious) knowledge. We can only gaze in awe at this natural phenomenon and try to perceive it within the context of our human comprehension and experiences, which unfortunately is limited.

However, quantum physics, wave particle theories etc and our proven limited knowledge of the universe should provide us with the basics to kick-start us into a quest of scientific discoveries for the years and centuries to come. In the meantime, we must concentrate on the knowledge and discoveries we have made and face up to our findings and responsibilities in a way that can be shared and will benefit all mankind.

I say “shared” because this truly is the operative word. Some people may think we have come a long way as a species. Relatively speaking maybe we have. More than likely we are still at a very primitive age. We have only ourselves to blame for this situation. It was never meant for man to covet the greatest gifts that could be bestowed upon him. I refer to the knowledge he has gained from his spirit; the origin of his creative mind. All the inventions, innovations, compositions, scientific discoveries etc. are provided via intuition into the reality that is proportionate to the beliefs of the individual. Perhaps our experimentation with the power of sound and colour of music can be that catalyst which will help bring about the change that would make this possible.

HOW WEIRD IS THIS? Can anyone explain?

I suppose my family is not that much different to any other when it comes to living and eating in the kitchen. In fact we almost live in that place and it is the hub for everything that happens therein. I could even go so far to admit that if war was suddenly declared, we would probably all gather in the kitchen and stay there for the duration, knowing that we were practically self-sufficient.

Our weekly shopping list comprises of the usual groceries that get jotted down on a piece of paper and the ‘shopper of the week’ is despatched to do their duty. For last minute items which hadn’t got written down on the grocery list, there is a fail-safe system in place. We have a blackboard pinned on the wall which acts as a message-taker and for entering those forgotten items which could save our lives in the event of a full-scale war.

Each day, or every two days, the board is wiped clean with a wet sponge and then thoroughly cleaned down with a dry cloth to help eliminate previous messages and items that had been posted. The other day was quite different. It was the same routine—cleaning down and then drying. But then something very unusual happened. As the board began to dry and that matt appearance became visible on the blackboard, an image began to appear. It crept in slowly as if there was someone moving in behind a mirror to observe us. The blackboard virtually hangs over us as we eat at the table.

I have included a photograph of this and I can promise everyone that this has not been tampered with in any way. Of course, you will just have to take my word for this, but let me tell you that I have much better things to do than create some kind of false phenomenon that could tie up my valuable time. It is genuine and I thought it was worth the effort to share this with you all.

Obviously, no one can fully explain this and I’m not looking for answers which can only come from one’s own reality. However, I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts about this and maybe come up with some kind of credible reason why this could have happened. Just take a closer look at this image and see how graphically detailed it is. There is hair with a furrowed brow below, looking down onto black empty eye sockets. Then take a look at that aquiline nose and the characteristics centred on it.

I’m not usually phased by things like this, but when I see so much detail and the ‘staring look’ that is in the whole expression, then I have to ask myself was there a reason for this image appearing on a harmless blackboard, set in a kitchen which is part of a warm and loving home.

I had a dream about a year ago whereby I was in a ploughed field. Instead of turnips or potatoes waiting to be picked, I encountered human skulls with features and eye sockets resembling the image on the blackboard. As soon as I looked into one of the sockets in one of the skulls, a yellow eye suddenly opened and focussed heavily against my gaze. I remember quite distinctly feeling a sudden chill run through my whole body and then all the skulls turned toward me, displaying those yellow eyes.

After the initial shock, which I felt had been deliberate for me to experience this feeling, I gathered myself together and in that same instant I awoke from the dream. However, the images were still with me and I could actually feel them trying to gain entry into my consciousness, in my opinion, hoping to achieve the desired effect. I knew that I had to face these ‘demons’ and I did so with great vigour. I actually challenged them to a fight. Everything seemed to have frozen for a few seconds and then I repeated the challenge.

I don’t think that was expected and I could sense a great fusion of energy surging inside of me. I actually felt very superior to these creatures and when I realised that they had no answer to my challenge I told them where to go in no uncertain terms which can’t be repeated here. I could feel them fleeing and I knew that they would not return.

That was one amazing experience for me, one that I’ll never forget. I wonder whether those demons had sent a scout to see if things had changed or not. Well now they have found themselves on candid camera with a lot more kindly souls possibly being aware of what can happen in this strange and wonderful world.

BLADE OF INJUSTICE — A short story

The hot, even surface of the dry river sand had been broken by the wind as small undulations appeared, like the tiny ripples that swim across an autumn lake. It was only the tracks of a scorpion that interfered with the perfect tapestry of shifting sand as it swiftly scampered towards the nearest burrow to hide from an unforgiving sun. To its observer, it represented the last fleeting moment of a traumatic life, the latter years spent in confusion and turmoil. For Karif the cause was just and he did not recognize his captors nor regard his executioners as legitimate.

On his knees for hours, with his body weakening by the second, he could feel excruciating pain as the skin on his bare back began to blister and split wide open where the sun’s heat had ferociously bore down on him. He followed the scorpion’s sandy trail wishing that he could follow, but he was going nowhere. The shackles securely fastened around his legs and arms served as a timely reminder that he no longer controlled his destiny. Yet his thoughts were only of his beloved Alhena. Death could never separate them.

He began to mentally put his life in order; nothing was out of place, nor did he wish to change a simple aspect which had represented his reason for living. The Regime had finally caught up with him and taken him and his associates out of the equation. Choices were no longer an option and it was time to account for his actions. He could not accept defeat—never. Even though he was forced to kneel with his hands tethered behind him, he had still been given the chance to redeem himself. He would rather die than acquiesce.

His keeper would often tease him, ‘kissing’ the back of his neck with the sword’s sharp blade, each touch becoming heavier until a small wound began to appear. It didn’t take long for Karif to realise that there was a routine to this psychological torture and that this would become his opportunity to try and break free. He studied the pattern of activity for a few minutes; his tormentor would always retreat to the cool shelter of his tent and recover his drinking flask, wait a few minutes and then return to repeat the same barbaric procedure.

Struggling against his bonds, testing for weaknesses, he eventually found an easiness around his wrists as the strands of thin leather would stretch against the pressure of his wriggling hands. And so he began to struggle and try and free himself. There could be no room for error. He saw his jailor move away once again to drink, and before he could return and amuse himself, Karif realized that he must act quickly.

He tugged desperately at his bonds; he would never give in. Then, without warning and for no reason, the moment seemed to freeze and he saw his returning would-be executioner and everything around him suspended in time as though the shutter in the lens of life had remained open. All animation suddenly appeared motionless, like stars that hang from the roof of a moonless sky. He simultaneously felt the familiar cold steel teasing the back of his neck and knew that it was time to make his move or die.

After feeling the sharp sting of the sword again, which lasted only a second, Karif realized that this was his only chance. Frantically, he finally managed to free himself and then he pushed with his legs as hard as they would go, darting upwards and towards the nearby narrow river. He knew that every step would bring him closer to his beloved Alhena, but he had not yet reached the water before he sensed the scrambling of many bodies behind him. Shots began firing so he increased his pace and raced to the wooden jetty; bullets were flying past and ricocheting too near for comfort. With the ultimate push, he threw himself off the end of the small wooden platform.

As he hit the water he heard the mumble of his pursuers above, still firing towards where he had jumped. As he submerged, he pushed hard with his upturned hands to reach a point of safety deep in the water so that he could safely swim to the other side of the river. Whizzing bullets were reduced to white torpedoes as their momentum slowed in the watery density, narrowly missing him as he managed to dodge each lethal shot. His lungs were bursting and his heart had almost stopped beating, when he at last surfaced towards the opposite riverbank. Gulping huge amounts of air, he glanced back whilst scrambling up the muddy slope, knowing the initiative had been gained. Could he escape them? Hope overcame his fears as gunshots forced him onwards, and he ran as fast as his legs would carry him towards the shelter of the sugar plantations.

There was little cover in which to hide, so Karif had to keep on running. Each glance back indicated he was beginning to gain on them and make the break. Eventually he could hardly hear them as the sound of their voices and gunshots seemed to vanish in the distance. At last he could relax. It felt like a dream to realize that he had broken free, but there was no time to revel in victory. He could hear Alhena beckoning so it was important that he must keep going. The village was near and this would be his security and his sanctity.

His thoughts had never left Alhena. She was his driving force as he felt himself still gasping for more air. Exiting the plantation, he saw the road to the village. Doubting his unbelievable luck, he darted for the tree-lined track which would lead him to his beloved. His vision started to become blurred as his lungs fought for oxygen, but eventually he saw the silhouette of a woman. She was moving quickly towards him shouting “Karif my love, Karif! Run my darling, run.”

Tears of joy fell as he acknowledged her cries and waved frantically to acknowledge her. His desperation to embrace her once more in his arms was intense, knowing it was only seconds that now separated them. It seemed like an age before they finally faced one another; their arms outstretched both in defiance of the fate that surely had condemned them. He felt compelled to glance back and make sure that his efforts had not been in vain. The road was clear and he was so very happy.

They stopped abruptly with only a few metres separating them. He had arrived and couldn’t believe his luck. He tentatively reached out his hand to Alhena as he saw her smiling, tear-ridden face when, suddenly, he experienced that same sharp, hot pain in the back of his neck and Alhena began to pull away from him, involuntarily. She desperately shouted his name but, eventually, her cries faded as did his vision of her until she had vanished completely. His heart was breaking when his soul at last conceded defeat as he gazed once more at the sandy trail left by the scorpion, which was beginning to turn blood red and was rising quickly towards him.

Alhena would have to wait.


Illness is a blessing! How this statement must hurt, especially to those who may be lying on a bed of sickness, and I apologise for opening this article on such a note. However, we are all suffering from illness in one form or another, whether it is serious or not.

The physical state of mind and body is a relative condition, meaning that it is not whole or absolute, and forms the basis of this message. Our environment—the physical world—is governed by a natural order that embraces our being. This is the law of physics.

You may wonder why I chose illness as an opening statement and, in particular, why I consider it to be a blessing. The reason will become clear as I go about my task of trying to bring rhyme and reason into your life. Over the next few paragraphs, I will try and break down some of the natural laws that help to sustain our lives as human beings by explaining the reasons behind them.

Many people believe that our lives are pre-designed, whereby destiny plays a role that eventually will decide the outcome. I’m not going to argue the merits for or against this rule of thought. However, I would like to discuss some of the ‘components’ that are part of the mechanism involved in fulfilling our lives. How we embrace these is up to us as we live and breathe.

How many have asked questions such as “Why are we here? What is the point? Does it serve a purpose?” There is a reason for our lives on Earth. Until we achieve awareness, it would seem that we must suffer the material cloak that shrouds and holds us in this world of relativity and change. Although you may never consciously be aware, there are no two days in your life that are the same, and the reason why you are here is, in my opinion, to experience. Every single aspect of your life, no matter how mundane, is an experience and it is this that will help you to grow and evolve in mind, body and spirit.

The gathering of experiences is stored via your conscious and sub-conscious mind and helps to formulate the motor that drives you through life. It is the text and reference book that dictates how you learn to put one foot in front of the other, or make a monumental decision that could affect many lives. Either way, it is the experience that gives you knowledge to progress.

It is not the point of this article to discuss matters beyond the physical. However, we must accept the fact that there is some kind of foundation to our existence. Who we are and where we are from is a mystery. Just as the river must have its origin, then so must life also. From that tiny trickle of moisture, compounding itself as it moves on to become a stream, it gathers momentum until becoming a raging torrent. It finally ends, surrendering its energy to the ocean.

If we compare our lives to the river, we may get an idea of where we are going. Our experiences are the flowing waters that gather pace. The initial moisture represents our physical birth and the final discharge into the ocean represents a new chapter, although it may appear to be the end of one, until we begin to use our experiences.

This foundation symbolizes the source of all life. How you interpret it is not important. Consider your physical life on Earth as a brief encounter, where your mission has been to gather information and return from whence you came. What you have gathered is by courtesy of your experiences. The next question may be why you had to gather such information and for what purpose it is to be used.

Let’s assume we belong to a great melting pot called ‘Source’. This encompasses all that exists, so therefore it knows. So why do we have to gather information and return with it? We can contribute nothing, seeing as we are simply a fragment of this all-knowing Source.

As Source, it cannot know itself because a complete unit has nothing outside to compare. It must create an environment whereby it can discover. With unlimited power it is ‘all-knowing’, so energy is unleashed to create an environment of relativity. By so doing, it must fragment into components that allow for this to happen. In essence we, the world and the universe, and all it entails are components of this Source. How we label or interpret it doesn’t really matter.

We now have a polarised environment whereby everything can be measured from the limitless contrasts. This is a world and universe composed entirely of opposing matter, and our experiences are by virtue of how we measure the manifesting contrasts. The information we gather is added to the melting pot that, eventually, will contribute to the ‘final analysis’.

There are many ways whereby we can experience—mentally and spiritually recording the differences between the opposing forces that we encounter. No matter how you perceive life, you will never escape the fact that everything has its opposite. This is the law of relativity and physics, and is here for us to use and learn. No state of being or mind can shield us. Think about it.

Often we pride ourselves in the thought that we are the only species having the ability to think for ourselves, have self-awareness and total free will. Really? Do we have all these, especially free will? If the analogy I have used has any truth about it whatsoever, our free will is nothing else but an illusion. Our ‘freedom’ lies within the parameters of the world that has been created for us to experience, as long as we follow the rules. This is not free will per se.

Perhaps the inability to take control of our lives lies in the destiny that has been mapped out for us. We have to consider why there is so much diversity in the way that we live. By degree, we have to endure (suffer?) the roller coaster of life. This relevant concept is where fairness and justice seems to have been taken out. Is this a truth?

If information-gathering, via our experiences, is the prime function of our lives, are some of us greater ‘messengers’ than others? If this is the case, why are we not equal, as should apply generally in life? Do we spend more than one lifetime upon Earth that would explain the differing levels and qualities of our lives? I don’t have the answers, but there is one thing I know for sure and it is this: The greater the contrasts we encounter, the richer are our experiences.

We become wiser and our lives change as a result. We only stick our hand into the fire once. Whatever we experience is fed to us via our five senses. Because we seek pleasure and comfort, it is the opposite of this state of mind that registers. Unfortunately it is through discomfort and suffering that we gain our knowledge and wisdom. More importantly, it is the contrast, or the difference, that impresses on our minds how the due process of relativity and change affects us.

So I come back to my opening statement: Illness, with its pain and discomfort, is the greatest form of human suffering, whether it is in body or mind. This creates the contrast and registers accordingly. If you have only suffered illness, the contrast is not so great, because you have had nothing outside this condition to compare. The polarities in life give us the ability to record and move through each experience to the next one.

One of the greatest inventions ever bestowed upon Man is the wheel. The innovator probably came upon the idea after having suffered the pain and drudgery of transportation on foot or by animal. Technology has reached its present level by Man utilising the laws of process and elimination of which his experiences are an integral part.

Like it or not, this appears to be our Earthly task. What a shame some of us are too busy getting on with our lives to notice it.


If I could collect one tiny snippet of truth each time I heard the question: “Is there more to life than this?” then I would be a truly wise person indeed. It deserves a simple explanation now that we question our origin more than ever before. It seems that life is administered so unfairly whilst some folk cruise along with no problems and others ride the roller coaster.

I don’t have the answer as to why there is so much diversity between our lives. Neither does anyone else for that matter, although some may think that they do on account of their faith or belief structure. It’s my opinion that if we believe with honesty and integrity, a truth somehow will manifest.

Please allow me to broach on the subject of death. What exactly is it? As an illusion it doesn’t exist; it never has. However, as we witness people dying, what else are we to think? Something happens at death where animation ceases, leaving an eerie stillness, at least from the physical point of view. Things seem different, but what has really happened? To find out, we must look to biophysics and science, breaking down our bodies to the smallest physical component.

We’ve heard how scientists spent years trying to ‘split’ the atom. The study of radioactivity led to the realization that one kind of atom may change into another, so must be made of smaller parts. It was discovered the heavy radioactive element of uranium spontaneously splits itself into a lighter nucleus and a very light helium nucleus; hence the uranium atom and the subsequent creation of the atom bomb.

The variables that dictate the type of atom depend on its nucleus, neutrons, protons and electrons. For the purpose of this article, I refer to those atoms that make us what we are as human beings. They are indestructible and are the smallest component responsible for our physical make up.

From conception, additional atoms are acquired to help build our bodies. As an embryo, our mother, via her biological process, feeds them to us and as we grow after birth, the Earth and the Universe, which has provided every atom that constitutes our physical make up, continue to supply them. Our world and all its life forms, including us, are made from nothing else. It may seem strange that all things appear so different to one another, but this is due to how the atom is composed and how it formulates into larger structures. At some stage, life is introduced and this is where many people refuse to give logic priority over their beliefs.

For example, and not wanting to be drawn into some kind of disagreement regarding creation, let’s assume that intelligence is responsible for putting things together, including the atom. I’m well aware of the Darwin theory, holding evolution responsible. The Creationists think an almighty being is the answer and there are Interventionists who believe extra terrestrial forces are our creators.

It doesn’t end here, except to say that something has put things into place and this is how we see ourselves today. Life has origin, so maybe we should leave it at that for the time being. Our mind and body are quite separate from one another, and although they can blend for the purpose of physical existence, it is our brain that co-ordinates the two. Elements, cells and molecules constitute the intelligent make up of our bodies and create what we are. Once we realise how our feeling presence (our mind and spirit) converge into a state of physical being, will be the day when true enlightenment begins to enter our consciousness.

Ask the questions: Can we exist without the physical body? If so, how is this possible? Is the all-feeling, all-touching, tangible, physical world all there is? We must return to science and biophysics for answers. When you see pictures on television or listen to sound on radio, it is unlikely you would question their origin. Yet these phenomena are not part of the physical world. They are bursts of energy or frequencies that have resonance, or vibration. In other words these are dimensions that are separate from the one that we have come to know.

Energy is the source of all dimensional levels and each different level houses consciousness. When daydreaming in your armchair, your thoughts, which are living bursts of energy, vibrate at a different level to that of your physical body. Therefore they exist in different dimensions, even though you are aware of both your body and your dreams simultaneously.

Try to imagine countless dimensions or levels of existence. Even if you can’t, your consciousness, of which you are physically aware, must exist beyond the boundaries of coherence and has probably done so before your present physical state. If you find this hard to accept, ask yourself: did you begin to exist the day you were born or conceived? How can that be? One day, technology and science will reveal all in a way that will be totally understandable and, hopefully, acceptable.

When dreaming, you are experiencing something and possibly dismissing it as imagination. Even this must have origin. It is just another state of consciousness, manifesting in one of the different levels of vibrations or dimensions. You can also experience some of these by way of your thoughts and emotions.

These phenomena resonate at different rates of frequency. The transmission of radio /TV, radar/sonar, ultra violet /infrared, your cell phones etc, have their dimensional levels which enable them to manifest in the physical world. No one will argue their existence because we witness and experience them in the here-and-now and are accepted as perfectly normal, fitting into our everyday lives. So why be surprised to be told that your thoughts have frequency?

It may appear strange to hear the atomic structure of your body being described as indestructible, which it is. What is destructible is its molecular make up, and this is the key to my statement that you cannot die. It is not the point of this article to stress where and how you may have existed before coming into this present life, but simply to show you that there is no such thing as death. There is only change and the physical body is your host whilst experiencing earthly life until that change occurs.

Back to the atom and cells/molecules mentioned earlier. The elements are responsible for physical matter. The atom is the smallest part of an element, which has the same characteristics. The molecule is the smallest part of a compound, which is a combination of atoms, and forms life’s building blocks. The element can’t be separated into different substances. Once a cellular structure is formed, the endless formulation of molecular building blocks moulds them into different things. This is how plants and animals are made and we are no exception.

Everything physical is constructed via molecular geometry and the codes or programmes responsible are transmitted via electromagnetic and magneto-electric fields. The difference with plants and animals, especially humans, is that life is introduced whereby this mathematical, molecular make up becomes animated. Humans go one step further due to self-awareness and free will. It is the introduction of life that perplexes and yet stimulates our thought processes to reach beyond the paradox that constitutes life and death.

We’ve all heard about DNA, which is a code of life, and no two are alike. This is a structured and disciplined blueprint dictating how our bodies grow via the programmed molecular make up designed for each individual. I mentioned the source of all things, only to accept and not analyse. Without source, we would not exist. How this programming comes into effect and is responsible for what we are is now beginning to unfold as scientists capitalise on the findings of quantum physics and their relation to thought and energy.

As we grow, our planet supplies all the atoms that constitute our make up. However, they change quite regularly. In fact you are literally not the same physical person compared to a year or so ago. Cells are replaced quite frequently, like for like, regardless of condition and some are replaced quicker than others, depending on the organs and tissues involved. The big drawback is that as cells are eliminated and replaced, by the time we have reached the tender age of 20 or so, the process of supply slows down whilst the elimination process increases.

There comes a time when the molecular structure holding our cells together will not sustain the pattern of programming that our DNA has mapped out for us. This means human form can not continue in a physical environment. The ageing process, illness, accident or other reasons are factors. As the molecular structure breaks down, each cell reverts to its elemental state and its composing atoms return to Mother Earth. Within that breaking-down process the real us, meaning our consciousness, leaves this changing formula, no longer requiring the accommodating body to experience physical life. Once again, science may one day reveal whether this is by [subconscious] choice or design.

Each and every atom that has been responsible for your body’s growth can be accounted for during the period of your earth life. It has been around since the dawn of physical time and replaced, via the cellular structure, and returned to the earth in proportionate amounts so as to help sustain your life. Look at the dust content in the home which is mostly composed of dead skin and you’ll see my point. At the latter stages, whereby more cells break down to atoms, there comes a time when the body no longer functions as a biological unit. Cellular breakdown becomes rapid and each atom eventually returns to the earth; ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’. Only change has occurred here and yet nothing, repeat nothing has died. Our consciousness somehow remains constant, and as it leaves the physical body so it must also have been introduced at the conception or birth of your physical life.

Where we come from and where we are going is food for thought and the answers may rest with those who strive to break down the secrets of life that have eluded us for so many, many centuries. In the meantime, look forward and be positive, because life really does go on. To those who have lost friends and loved ones; don’t despair because the unity of minds you have shared still exists. Perhaps their only sorrow is to realise the way that you interpret their departure as something being finite.

Arthur C. Clarke comes to mind when he referred to the quotation by Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovski, the Russian Pioneer in rocket and space science, who said: “The Earth is the cradle of the mind, but you cannot stay in the cradle for ever.”