“If people do not revere the Law of Nature, it will inexorably and adversely affect them. If they accept it with knowledge and reverence, it will accommodate them with balance and harmony.” ~ Lao Tzu

There was a time when anything which was regarded as being carved in stone carried the idea that it would last for ever. Our changing world pours scorn on that short paraphrase as nothing lasts for ever except for maybe one thing. Science, or should I say natural science, is delving into the world of quantum mechanics where symmetries of space and time are used to define the material world; and beyond into the abstract world using concepts and patterns based on the principles of mathematics. In short, the study around the connection between thought and energy is moving in leaps and bounds.

The Universe has the capability of recording anything which has frequency, or vibration. Let’s call that ‘information’ for the purpose of giving it a label and then we can see where we are heading. Your whole life is based around thought. No matter your state of being — conscious, unconscious or subconscious — your mind and the very essence of who you are is sending out patterns of vibrations which we call thought. They are living bursts of energy and carry resonance.

Once out there in the ether they stay for ever. Some say that our thoughts are simply coded information extracted from the Cosmos. What we assume are our creations are just re-creations fragmented in such a way that they reach us through a permeable phenomenon — an ‘event horizon’ out of singularity. It sounds a bit complicated and weird but what I’m trying to explain is that your thoughts are responsible for everything that has happened during your life. Thoughts are also recorded ‘inwardly’ whereby every cell will manifest accordingly and react. So be careful because your body will respond to the way that you think either negatively or positively.

I’d like to move on and explain why I wanted to provide this brief introduction regarding thought linked to energy. What we all posses by degree in one way or another is the ability to communicate. It begins with the thought process and manifests in thousands of different ways whereby our thoughts can be ‘decoded’ by another. Whether we use language (verbal or written), symbolism, culture, ideology, cybernetics, or even innuendo through body language; the list goes on for ever. Communication begins within our own structure from the spiritual to the biophysical. Every cell in our bodies is communicating with other cells and therefore life takes on a whole new meaning.

So where is this going in the 21st Century? For the last 15 or so years I have been using a computer. I use it as a means of communication in some way and even today I still find it difficult to master even some of the most elementary aspects of the electronic era. I’ll put that down to an age thing and leave it there. However, the introduction of social networking and other methods of cybernetic communication has changed my world and I would guess that applies to many others. For example the book that I co-authored with Elfreda Pretorius could never have materialized if it wasn’t for the Internet. We have the Atlantic Ocean between us and yet we managed to write a book of fiction consisting of 500 pages without ever meeting. I have made many new friends through the likes of Facebook and MySpace and my horizons have stretched to the point where I can no longer see the sun setting.

The world is changing more rapidly than at any time in history and this is all down to one thing in the beginning — a thought. Our thoughts are now reaching others in a more direct way to a point where translation — even interpretation — leaves little to the imagination. Take for example the troubles that exist around certain Arab nations such as Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Morocco, Yemen and so on. Without the electronic era which we take so much for granted, democracy would still be a pipe dream in the eyes of many people who have suffered at the hands of autocracy. I believe that the troubles in Tunisia were sorted by protesters who initially came together through the Facebook network. From there they used the Twitter service which gave them instant communication and a means to gather their ‘troops’ and secure their freedom.

If this blog serves just one purpose, it is my message to you to help make a difference in the world. You are reading this because you already use a computer or similar. The existing conflicts that are happening in the Middle East require our support in a positive way. No longer do you have to remain frustrated that you can not contribute to a world almost at war with itself. You have the means at your fingertips to be able to transmit your thoughts. And they will be carried through the ether and manifest directly at the point where you intended. The most effective way of getting your thoughts to another is through the Twitter network. With only 140 characters available in any window, you have a facility at your disposal which is as powerful as the red phones that exist in the White House, No. 10 Downing Street and other administrative offices of heads of state. The reason being that almost everyone who is anyone is using the Twitter network.

This is what a typical Twitter page looks like

One message on Twitter to your follower could reach another 1,000 or many more without you having to press another button. Here’s a simple way on how to use Twitter. If you’re not already a Twitter user, may I suggest you give it a try. If you’re reading this then you have the capacity to be a Twitterer. You can voice your opinion, give out information, share your interests and all at the touch of a button — instantly. Your thoughts are real and can hold not just information but also influence. I hope that you will consider this if you value the survival (or creation?) of a civilized society

I’d love to be able to Twitter with many if not all of you. You can find me on the link in the side bar of this blog or just click here. So here’s looking forward to sharing your thoughts through some of the great technology of our era. Remember, you follow me and I’ll follow you and between us, let’s make this a better world for everyone.

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  • Joss  On February 21, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    very well said. It’s part of what makes living in this time and age so exciting and empowering.

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