Illness is a blessing! How this statement must hurt, especially to those who may be lying on a bed of sickness, and I apologise for opening this article on such a note. However, we are all suffering from illness in one form or another, whether it is serious or not.

The physical state of mind and body is a relative condition, meaning that it is not whole or absolute, and forms the basis of this message. Our environment—the physical world—is governed by a natural order that embraces our being. This is the law of physics.

You may wonder why I chose illness as an opening statement and, in particular, why I consider it to be a blessing. The reason will become clear as I go about my task of trying to bring rhyme and reason into your life. Over the next few paragraphs, I will try and break down some of the natural laws that help to sustain our lives as human beings by explaining the reasons behind them.

Many people believe that our lives are pre-designed, whereby destiny plays a role that eventually will decide the outcome. I’m not going to argue the merits for or against this rule of thought. However, I would like to discuss some of the ‘components’ that are part of the mechanism involved in fulfilling our lives. How we embrace these is up to us as we live and breathe.

How many have asked questions such as “Why are we here? What is the point? Does it serve a purpose?” There is a reason for our lives on Earth. Until we achieve awareness, it would seem that we must suffer the material cloak that shrouds and holds us in this world of relativity and change. Although you may never consciously be aware, there are no two days in your life that are the same, and the reason why you are here is, in my opinion, to experience. Every single aspect of your life, no matter how mundane, is an experience and it is this that will help you to grow and evolve in mind, body and spirit.

The gathering of experiences is stored via your conscious and sub-conscious mind and helps to formulate the motor that drives you through life. It is the text and reference book that dictates how you learn to put one foot in front of the other, or make a monumental decision that could affect many lives. Either way, it is the experience that gives you knowledge to progress.

It is not the point of this article to discuss matters beyond the physical. However, we must accept the fact that there is some kind of foundation to our existence. Who we are and where we are from is a mystery. Just as the river must have its origin, then so must life also. From that tiny trickle of moisture, compounding itself as it moves on to become a stream, it gathers momentum until becoming a raging torrent. It finally ends, surrendering its energy to the ocean.

If we compare our lives to the river, we may get an idea of where we are going. Our experiences are the flowing waters that gather pace. The initial moisture represents our physical birth and the final discharge into the ocean represents a new chapter, although it may appear to be the end of one, until we begin to use our experiences.

This foundation symbolizes the source of all life. How you interpret it is not important. Consider your physical life on Earth as a brief encounter, where your mission has been to gather information and return from whence you came. What you have gathered is by courtesy of your experiences. The next question may be why you had to gather such information and for what purpose it is to be used.

Let’s assume we belong to a great melting pot called ‘Source’. This encompasses all that exists, so therefore it knows. So why do we have to gather information and return with it? We can contribute nothing, seeing as we are simply a fragment of this all-knowing Source.

As Source, it cannot know itself because a complete unit has nothing outside to compare. It must create an environment whereby it can discover. With unlimited power it is ‘all-knowing’, so energy is unleashed to create an environment of relativity. By so doing, it must fragment into components that allow for this to happen. In essence we, the world and the universe, and all it entails are components of this Source. How we label or interpret it doesn’t really matter.

We now have a polarised environment whereby everything can be measured from the limitless contrasts. This is a world and universe composed entirely of opposing matter, and our experiences are by virtue of how we measure the manifesting contrasts. The information we gather is added to the melting pot that, eventually, will contribute to the ‘final analysis’.

There are many ways whereby we can experience—mentally and spiritually recording the differences between the opposing forces that we encounter. No matter how you perceive life, you will never escape the fact that everything has its opposite. This is the law of relativity and physics, and is here for us to use and learn. No state of being or mind can shield us. Think about it.

Often we pride ourselves in the thought that we are the only species having the ability to think for ourselves, have self-awareness and total free will. Really? Do we have all these, especially free will? If the analogy I have used has any truth about it whatsoever, our free will is nothing else but an illusion. Our ‘freedom’ lies within the parameters of the world that has been created for us to experience, as long as we follow the rules. This is not free will per se.

Perhaps the inability to take control of our lives lies in the destiny that has been mapped out for us. We have to consider why there is so much diversity in the way that we live. By degree, we have to endure (suffer?) the roller coaster of life. This relevant concept is where fairness and justice seems to have been taken out. Is this a truth?

If information-gathering, via our experiences, is the prime function of our lives, are some of us greater ‘messengers’ than others? If this is the case, why are we not equal, as should apply generally in life? Do we spend more than one lifetime upon Earth that would explain the differing levels and qualities of our lives? I don’t have the answers, but there is one thing I know for sure and it is this: The greater the contrasts we encounter, the richer are our experiences.

We become wiser and our lives change as a result. We only stick our hand into the fire once. Whatever we experience is fed to us via our five senses. Because we seek pleasure and comfort, it is the opposite of this state of mind that registers. Unfortunately it is through discomfort and suffering that we gain our knowledge and wisdom. More importantly, it is the contrast, or the difference, that impresses on our minds how the due process of relativity and change affects us.

So I come back to my opening statement: Illness, with its pain and discomfort, is the greatest form of human suffering, whether it is in body or mind. This creates the contrast and registers accordingly. If you have only suffered illness, the contrast is not so great, because you have had nothing outside this condition to compare. The polarities in life give us the ability to record and move through each experience to the next one.

One of the greatest inventions ever bestowed upon Man is the wheel. The innovator probably came upon the idea after having suffered the pain and drudgery of transportation on foot or by animal. Technology has reached its present level by Man utilising the laws of process and elimination of which his experiences are an integral part.

Like it or not, this appears to be our Earthly task. What a shame some of us are too busy getting on with our lives to notice it.

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  • Sandy  On April 30, 2011 at 11:49 pm

    Wow! You’re trying to make everyone think and what you’ve said definitely will make one think.

    I do agree with you on everything, although, I might word it a little differently. Smile. We do learn from our experiences no matter whether they’re bad ones or good ones. Life is an up and down roller coaster. If you’re lucky, you’ll have more ups than downs. There are some whose lives are more down than up, and those are blessed if they are taken early in life.

    Very thought provoking.

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