Seeking help from my local politician

The following draft reply was sent to my local Parliamentary representative in the hope that a ‘partnership in arms’ could be achieved. This followed my written concerns to him regarding the Rupert Murdoch affair which he responded immediately. I wonder if it will work. Only time will tell. I’ll keep you posted.

Dear Sir (name withheld),


The “other matters” is just the tip of the iceberg. Thank you for responding and keeping me in the loop regarding information now ‘oozing’ from all corners of our islands and beyond about Rupert Murdoch.

It is going to take more than the average politician to take on board what I’m about to say. However, as you are my local MP I must start at home in the hope that your mind remains open. I’m sure that you facilitate your remit via your portfolio quite admirably and to the satisfaction of the local electorate. The following comment may appear to be harsh but any electorate, by definition, are only sheep or ‘sheeple’. We haven’t yet woken up.

Rupert Murdoch represents that bunch of cronies who lust for power and control at whatever cost. He is not alone but he is still in the minority when it comes to the overall population. The ordinary man and woman on this earth (even the respectable politician) just wants to get on with life in their own sweet way without being harassed, exploited and in worse-case scenarios – exterminated, albeit in the most covert and sophisticated ways that we can only imagine.

The orthodox (emphasis on ‘orthodox’) media of the world is controlled by very powerful individuals of whom Murdoch is one. They are rooted within the corporate bowels of industry and commerce and their aim is to keep the world on a footing that fits their agenda. It doesn’t suit yours and it certainly doesn’t suit mine.

Yesterday’s, today’s, tomorrow’s (and so on) events will not mark the end of an era. Nor will they represent the beginning of the end. The only constant in the universe is change. What we are witnessing is a natural course of events where the law of consequence dictates what will happen next. What has been put into place over centuries will always bear fruit today. Tomorrow never comes and right now we are finally sitting on the zenith of change.

We can only slide one way or the other to a plateau which will mark where we go from here. If we lean the wrong way, we are about to fall into a cataclysmic precipice that could herald the end of civilization as we know it. Dramatic words, huh? Believe me, if the Murdoch’s of this world win, we are in for an experience too frightening to imagine.

So what is it that I’m trying to say?

“Tell Me No Lies” – great words and is the title to one of John Pilger’s books. He is one of the top ten freelance investigative journalists on this planet. What he writes about – facts an’ all – hardly ever gets published by the orthodox media. Why? Because he digs deep and finds out information that will benefit the populace which in turn will damage and weaken controlled society as we know it.

The effort and information uncovered by the likes of John Pilger and Elijah Lovejoy (1802 – 1837) as just one example from the past, has to be harnessed and confiscated by the power lords of today. And they do it admirably. They do NOT want to see the general population take responsibility.

What is required is the complete turn-around in the way that the media is handled. We don’t wish to see corporate power maintain control. If that is the case, then the Chinese will only fill Murdoch’s shoes, should he go and we all know what that means. The age of the people is coming. There is a place for all politicians who wish to genuinely represent their electorate but it will be by implementing necessary change as a direct result of overwhelming public opinion – not by party politics.

Would you like to take up this matter further by turning this into a personal discussion between us? By doing so you will at least learn the opinions of someone who cares deeply about the way the world is heading. Maybe with a Parliamentary representative as my ally, I’ll be able to create a platform where others may listen. It’s time to wake up.

Yours faithfully,

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